InspirationMeet the brave warrior Carsyn, and his amazing family.
This is the family behind the story Oliver the Brave.Carysn and his FamilyOliver the Brave

I was blessed to meet this beautiful family in 2011. I learned that Carsyn was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. I had never heard of this cancer. His mom was incredibly kind. Even though she was dealing with a nightmare, she took the time to teach me about this disease. I knew right away that I would do anything I could to help them. Being an artist, I asked if I could make a shirt for Carsyn. His mother said that he loves T-Rex dinosaurs. I made him a sweatshirt. I was told that he wore it to his treatments. The more I followed their story, the clearer my mission became.

My heart hurt so badly for this child and his family. I had, and still have no words to describe the pain they all went through. I was told that there were very few childhood cancer books for the families. I made a promise to this family. When you are ready, give me your story. I will write and illustrate a childhood cancer awareness book. I will dedicate it to Carsyn.
So I did….

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