Press Release

Is releasing a new series of books from the Castle Victoryus Library!

Get Ready to…BRING OUT YOUR BRAVE! On June 16, 2022 Book 1

Written and illustrated by Lynn Faherty

Oliver the Brave is a T-Rex knight living in castle Victoryus. His mission is to guide children with encouragement and positivity to overcome their challenges. Oliver knows that inside every child lives a unique and brave superhero, they just need to believe it!

In Good night, Brave knight, Oliver helps Max conquer his fear of the dark along with the
scary monsters that appear under his bed and in the window.

Max is asked to say the brave knight’s pledge:
I am a warrior Brave and true, sent defend and inspire you.
No trouble too big, no problem too small. Together with courage we will conquer them all!

I am Brave, I am Strong, I BELIEVE IT!

Max knows when you become a brave knight of Castle Victoryus, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, AND DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!

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